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victor motorcycle

Motorcylces grew in popularity at the start of the 20th century and many people built their own.  Motorcycles provided people with freedom and ease of travel and having a sidecar meant that you could bring someone along for the ride, whether it be a trip to church on Sunday or a ride through the countryside.

This motorcycle was built in Surrey Hills, Melbourne in 1914, by Edward Victor Bowen.  One of five, built by him from local and imported parts, this is the only survivor. The motor is a 1000cc JAP, whilst the head and handelbars are Chater Lea, from the UK.  The magneto is a Bosch.  All the other parts are original and are complete with the labels of the manufacturers.  

The sidecar is also original, having been built by Underwood Bros of Hawthorn.   The leather is in very good condition and it is remarkable that a motorcycle of this age has survived so well.  

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