Wollongong Heritage and Stories

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wollongong harbour tea party

Wollongong Harbour is a significant and busy port sending coal to the world since the mid 19th century.  As the production of coal grew and the need for the Harbour increased, much discussion was had that focussed on the need for the Harbour to be expanded.  Making the Harbour deeper and wider, would allow larger ships to enter more frequently and safely.

There were several campaigns waged by local politicians and businessmen for the expansion of the Harbour.  One was so extensive, it would have seen the courthouse, gaol and the paddocks beyond demolished in order to accommodate the larger facility.

This tea service from 1887 was made to promote one project to create an inner harbour and to have the development literally on everyone’s lips.  
The tea service comprises three small plates, four cups and saucers, one teapot and one special cup and saucer, made with a lip in the cup to accommodate a gentleman’s moustache.