Wollongong Heritage and Stories

illawarra museum

11 Market Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500

(02) 4228 7770

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Wed, Sat and Sun 12:00 - 3:00pm

Free entry but donations are appreciated. Special openings for Group or School Visits $3.00 person

Illawarra Museum

A Thing of the Past

This blackboard and easel were made in Australia and used at Lindsay Park School in Wollongong through the 1960s and 70s. They began to disappear as whiteboards and technology, such as smartboards,…

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The Timeless Land

These unique and colourful posters were lovingly created by a dedicated teacher some decades ago. However, it is not known who made them, when or where they were used.

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What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?

The Queen of Nations was a clipper ship built in 1861 for the Aberdeen White Star line. With her commander Captain Donald lost overboard in 1879, Captain Samuel Bache was appointed her new captain by…

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Pit Ponies of the Mt Kembla Mine Disaster

Horses and pit ponies were a major part of mining life up to the 1950s and even as far as the 1990s. Of the 30 horses or pit ponies at work in the mine on the day of the disaster, 18 were found alive.

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World Famous Bulli Black

Hidden within this unique cricket ball is a very precious and much desired substance.Bulli Black, as it is known, is a material made up of clay and basalt of volcanic origin. It is used to make…

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Wollongong Harbour Tea Party

Wollongong Harbour is a significant and busy port sending coal to the world since the mid 19th century. As the production of coal grew and the need for the Harbour increased, much discussion was had…

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Streets - The Cream of the Coast

Did you know that world famous Streets Ice Cream was developed right here in the Illawarra?Edwin or ‘Ted’ Street was born 1891 and raised in the Corrimal area, the tenth and last child of…

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Living and Working With the Environment

Life in rural Australia was one of hard work, adapting to the surroundings and making do with what was available.Members of the Hurry family lived at ‘Vine Cottage', Albion Park for just over a…

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Surf Life Saving on the Illawarra Coast

At the end of the 19th century, as the popularity of surf bathing increased, by-laws in place since the 1830s, that banned swimming in daylight hours were repealed.

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Bellambi Lighthouse Lamp

The Bellambi Coal Co. Ltd. erected a beacon light on the shoreline at Bellambi Point in 1913. The light sat on a steel tower 15.8 metres above sea level and could be seen up to 12.9 kilometres out at…

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